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Underflood heating

Underfloor heating gives a new sense of comfort by providing an efficient heating system with lower costs than conventional heating systems. Using underfloor heating, the warm air rises gradually, spreading evenly throughout the room. In this way, the heat is present where it is most needed, the temperature at the ceiling being 4 ° lower. The average room temperature can be reduced by a few degrees without giving up comfort, but with significant energy savings.

Most of us are accustomed to the standard heating system, assuming it gets the job done and heats up the room. The truth is that the classic heating system is inefficient, wasteful, has high costs and requires maintenance. Radiators also heat up the room locally, creating uneven temperature with cold-spots.

A uniform heated room is desirable from the bottom up. Underfloor heating is linked to a thermostat, just like classic radiators, but their improved efficiency means a long-term savings on utility bills.

The benefits of underfloor heating

More comfort

like the sun, underfloor heating uses radiant heat to warm objects and the fabric building to create cosy, comfortable environment

Reduced energy

underfloor heating can reduce energy consumption by 15-20%

Greater heating Control

create the perfect comfort zone with individual thermostat for each room

Uniform heating

emit heat all across the room to create a comfortable environment, without leaving “cold-spots”

Reduced costs

uses less energy and doesn`t require maintenance

Improved health & wellbeing

less moisture and lower air movements help to reduce dust allergens.

Energy calculator

Calculate the energy consumption for your home using the underfloor heating system.

( kW/month )

Our Products

With our underfloor heating products you can enjoy the comfort of a warm home in just a couple of hours

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