MULTIFLEX ™ 20 MULTIFLEX heater cable is a two-wire resistive heating cable. Because it is bifilar it has the advantage that it can only be fed at one end, but it also cancels the magnetic field produced. The MULTIFLEX heater cable has a Teflon insulation which gives it a good resistance to heating and, at the same time, a long life.

The outside diameter is 6.5 mm. MULTIFLEX20 can be used for several different applications:

  • Electric underfloor heating (single source or complementary source). Suitable for any type of flooring (concrete, ceramic, wooden floor, carpet … etc)
  • Frost protection of pipelines (inside pipes or outside).
  • Frost protection for gutters and gutters or collecting gutters.
  • Frost protection of outdoor pools and tanks.
  • Soil warming in agricultural greenhouses and warming the ground on football grounds. C-C =

Installation instructions MULTIFLEX 20.


The basic application of the multiflex heater cable 20 is electric heating by flooring. Calculation of the installed power is based on the degree of insulation of the building and the type of heating desired: the unique source or the complementary source. Generally 150W / mp is installed for the unique source and 100-120W / mp is installed for the complementary source.