Flexible carbon film – an elegant and convenient solution for finishing finishes such as laminate flooring, laminate flooring, linoleum, carpets and carpets. Installation is done directly under the floor. The product is in the form of an ultra-thin (0.25 mm) carpet, made from two layers of polyester laminate over the heat dissipating resistors, printed on the inner sheet.

The installed power per square meter of 150W allows the system to expand between 70-90% of the usable area. Extending the system to larger surfaces ensures maximum comfort through the surface of a floor surface in its entirety:

  • Spread a large amount of Carbon particles;
  • Play a steady temperature over a long distance;
  • It is made up of a flammable film;
  • It is designed to prevent sparking on the carbon surface by specially designed silver bars;
  • It is specially treated to be waterproof;
  • Protected by Laminex insulation.