Ribbon floor heating is dedicated to hard surfaces: sandstone, granite, marble, stone, bitumen, pavement, football fields. It contains a molecular structure of crystalline metal with high electrical resistance, high mechanical strength and sufficient elasticity. Do not need to be embedded in the screed, installing directly into the tile adhesive, thus offering increased comfort and maximum yield.

With a power of 150 W per square meter installed, it allows system stretches of up to 80% of the usable surface, thus creating a very radiant surface, a heated floor on the entire surface, thus maximum comfort.

Indoor systems (houses, apartments, offices, churches, shops) in order to ensure full comfort by controlling the ambient temperature.

We also offer two product families for outdoor perimeters:

  • The underground heating system with strips / ribbons or amorphous metal alloy mesh (250-500 W / m2)
  • Surface strips for heating / protection of pipes, gutters, pipes, gutters and trenches.

Among the benefits of snow melting / ice melting and frost prevention systems, based on amorphous metal technology, there are:

  • Covering large areas of land (cold or frozen);
  • Rapidity of reaching optimum operating temperature;
  • Saving electricity;
  • Efficient and uniform distribution of heat over the entire surface;
  • Low operating costs;
  • Extremely simple and fast installation;
  • Safety and reliability.

The heating systems proposed by us have been designed for use under concrete, asphalt, paving stones, gravel, lawns (lawns or playgrounds, sports, greenhouses, etc.).