EB-Therm 350 is a microprocessor regulator thermostat with LCD display that has a simple design and operation. The front of the device is equipped with an LED, dual function and three control buttons.

The EB-Therm 350 electric room thermostat is ideal for places where underfloor heating systems such as hotels, motels, guest houses, offices or houses are installed.


Temperature regulation is done with an algorithm that uses fuzzy technology. The technology includes testing the thermostat and collecting the data from the start-up time and, based on these, decides when to connect and disconnect. This technology reduces temperature variations, and they lead to a constant temperature and lower energy consumption. Floor temperature varies by less than 0.3 ° C.

  • Created with super-luxurious design.
  • LCD display of indoor temperature, time, day, mode and operating time.
  • Preset programs:
    • office
    • home
    • custom setting
    • frost protection
    • manual setting
  • Custom Setting:
    • morning,
    • afternoon
    • evening
    • night
  • Protection against frost and high temperatures with adjustable temperature.
  • Protection against overheating


  • Voltage: 50 Hz 230 VAC
  • Room temperature range: 5 ° C to 37 ° C
  • Floor temperature range: 5 C – 37 C
  • Temperature limits: 5 C – 45 C
  • Power per contact: 3600W / 16A / 230VAC
  • Temperature Precision Control: 0.3 C
  • Display Illumination: Lights up 30 seconds after the last pressing of a button
  • Frost protection temperature: 0 C ~ 10 C
  • Dimensions: (L) 81mm x (l) 81mm x (H) 40mm
  • Replacement frame: (L) 81mm x (l) 81mm x (H) 18mm
  • Floor sensor (3 ml): Supplied with Color and Dimensions: Polar White 86 x 86 x 6